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Being Sans Camera Makes Smee Very Sad.

11 May

Especially when its so gorgeous outside! How else can I document the beautiful outfits I’ve been dying to show you, my readers!
-The floral Zumba pants I picked up in Toronto, coupled with a black plain AmAp crop-top to show off my badass side-rib tattoo and my basic wayfarer sunglasses. I wore this to the dentist on Monday.

– The seventies-esque belted with a ribbon dress I wore to my friend’s wedding on saturday, coupled with the.. (deep breaths, readers..) VINTAGE MARY JANE WEDGE CLOGS! Yes!! I found them! At Beacon’s, actually so TRUST ME ON THIS PLACE. It literally makes all your fashion dreams come true!

(I can hear you, dear sister- rolling your eyes right about now.)

-The dress-but-was-actually-a-skirt that I made for Tams on sunday, coupled with my hercules sandals from H et M

(Picture all of these outfits paired with the quintessential accessory I found at the Brooklyn Flea: a really long Key necklace. Classic.)

-The tribal shorts and plain white SexualiTank from AmAp paired with a black velvet gilet and  my classic doc martens and 90s denim jacket. We’re thinking of ditching the denim jacket, outfit (concept) repeating the top and shorts in the summertime and replacing the black velvet gilet with a denim one. Must haves for this outfit: fabulous footwear (maybe even the vintage wedges) fabulous hair (we’ve been thinking a side-shave lately) fabulous sunglasses (Vintage jackie-o’s, John Lennons, or wayfarers will do.) and fabulous confidence (you know I rock it, bitchay.)

I’m outfit stumped for today though. And I need to find a way for a camera. My phone is useless (but that will change next week) and the Keeks’ camera isn’t compatible with my mac.. and her computer is announced as DEAD (officially.)

Either I hire a photographer to follow me around and document my life and outfits, or we all sit tight and wait for either a new computer  or a proper phone that takes pictures.

Until then, we’ll have to play first grade and use our imaginations. I know you’re all doing it anyway when you picture yourselves trying to pull off the fab shit I wear.

Only in fake Paris, mes bebes. Only in fake Paris.


Smee in the City


The Only Thing Worth Documenting in DC…

29 Apr

.. or shall I call it: Snoozetown USA. This city is so unstylish it hurts. The metro breaks down while you’re ON it (and it closes way too early.) and Chinatown doesn’t even LOOK Chinese! It consists of a bunch of American chains with their logos translated in Chinese.

Is that really all the capitol of the “free world” has to contribute to their immigrants? Really? Come on, America. Stop being so lazy!

However, I did fall in love with SOMETHING in this city. Those of you who know me (and can’t help but love me) will remember that I happen to be very fond of vegan/vegetarian cuisine. And you may also remember my one-month vegan experiment that occurred in January ( y’all know you miss those days of my nagging and secretly smelling cheese.) So you can imagine how excited I was to find that Washington DC has its very own (and pretty bitchin’) vegan bakery called Sticky Fingers.

Attractive name, innit?

Sticky Fingers was my second home in DC. My second day here, my ass spent five hours glued to the comfortable plush-like hot pink booth chair in the back working on my essay. In fact, I’m sitting outside there right now, stealing their internet. So you can see why I came back here today to have one of their orgasmic (and completely vegan) Cupcakes.

And that, madames et monsieurs, was the highlight of the DC portion of my Urban Extravaganza.

That and the fact that H et M isn’t taxed here. (Boycotting my ass. Why must I be such a hypocrite when it comes to fashion!?)

Check it out if you’re ever in DC. Its on 14th and Park, surrounded by a bunch of corporate American chains.

Note: this is where to find the Hipsters of DC.

And now, I’m off to New York.

I’ll keep you posted, mes amis!

Smee in the City

Tdot in a Nutshell: We Don’t Hate It.

25 Apr

Habs vs. Maple Leafs. Mount Royal vs. The CN Tower. Vieux-Port vs. Old Town Toronto. Ossignton Ave. vs. Avenue du Parc. McGill/Concordia vs. University of Toronto/Ryerson.
Montreal definitely wins, but Toronto isn’t exactly the shittiest place on earth.

So, lets go over the pros and cons of the city, shall we?


Kensington Market/The abundance of Vintage Stores:

This hipster haven is absolutely swarming with impressive vintage stores and boutiques. I was actually blown away! Although we have a lot of vintage stores in Montreal (please. nobody should even QUESTION this. They’re called friperies- get off your ass, go to The Mile End, and find one.) the vintage stores in Kensington are crammed together, and have either an upscale, organized boutique feel or a junky treasure trove feel.

I recommend: Courage My Love. This place has a bunch of drawers with underpinnings, jewelry, beads, keys, charms, scarves, and environmental lunch bags! (I knew Ishould’ve gotten one. They’re a fashionable and environmentally friendly substitute for brown paper bags- which is what I often carry my lunch in.)

The size of the city:

‘Nuff said. I love a big city- while Montreal is much prettier than Toronto, hands down, (and more cultured)- Tdot is bigger. This means public transportation runs longer, and you’ll be able to find almost anything you’re looking for. But sorry, Torontonians. You can pretend all you want, but Toronto is NOT New York.

*Just a thought: If I do end up moving to Tdot in the next couple of years, my new blog should be called “This is Not New York”. Hmmm…

Now, I know the “pros” list is short. The rest of the pros are honestly little things.. The city has some great Universities, there’s always something to do, there are “open minded” cafes (please, the jig was up a long time ago.) And it would be nice to be living in an anglophone (for the most part) city. But those two descriptive pros are the ones that got to me the most, honestly.

Now for the cons.

-The cupcakes suck:

C’mon. Look at that. You call that a cupcake! they were TOO FLAT and it wasn’t good.

-Its too expensive:

Montreal is SO much cheaper than Toronto. In fact, you don’t realize how cheap Montreal is until you go to any other city in Canada. Yes, Toronto- we know.. your taxes are less than ours, but our taxes go towards keeping our city clean and interesting for the public: we have all these awesome events for the community: Nuit Blanche, JazzFest, Formula One, Juste pour Rire… Now I’m just rambling. But you know what I mean. What do you have Toronto- HUH?!

Did you know that for students, a public transportation pass (equivalent to the OPUS) is about 70 CAD in Tdot whereas in Montreal its about 40 CAD?Come on, man. Come ON.

-Its not that Pretty:

There’s nothing really NICE to look at in Toronto. Montreal seems to have more parks that are better maintained and just more attractive in general. Same goes for the way apartments and the metro are presented. The Keeks hates the presentation of Toronto’s public transportation. I thought it was okay- kind of interesting, actually (I like the way the Streetcars go into the subway station.) I mean, a subway is a subway. It seems like Toronto doesn’t really have the patience for Pretty. Which brings me to my next point.

-Torontonians need to RELAX:

I get it- its a big city. You’re in a hurry. But fuck, man. Move out of the way. You don’t OWN the city. Have some consideration.. remember, we live in CANADA. (That was totally a burn to the American readers out there.)

All in all, Toronto isn’t that bad. Yeah, if I lived there I totally would just give up on Hockey as an entertaining sport (nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk) and I’d probably see slightly less stylish people, AND I would be broke.. but I don’t think living there would be the end of the world.

I’m in DC now, but more on that later. Probably within the next few days- but don’t get pushy. I’m not in Fake Paris for another week.. remember, even Bloggers deserve a bit of a vacation.


Smee in the City.

Diversité dans le Plateau!

18 Apr

So I haven’t updated in a while. No apologies, though- to my dedicated readers (being friends and family who I force to read my blog and those loyal facebook stalkers whom I thank very much for thinking my statuses are interesting enough to follow.) as I am busy finishing up my third year of university, sitting at home in my comfy, comfy armchair, watching re-runs of embarrassing t.v on my computer,  sipping Stash’s Blueberry Tea, and occasionally risking the expansion of my derriere by ingesting certain foods that make me vow to change my life the following day.

We’ll blame it on the rain.

So I have some bad news. The other day ( I’ll assume it was thursday, since my perception of time is extremely janked due to the massive all nighters I’ve been pulling: thanks, university. High Five.) As I was schlepping from the Guy-Concordia station to the JW McConnel Building through the pedway, my camera FLIES out of the flap of my open (and extremely awesome, purchased from a tucked away corner in Williamsburg) briefcase bag, and makes the saddest little crashing sound against the ..[ concrete?] ground. Its been acting up since then, so no outfit updates for a bit- although The Keeks was kind enough to document my Denise Huxtable revival with HER camera during our Frozen Yogurt jaunt on this frigid afternoon, so we’ll stay tuned for that!

On that note, however- I will advertise an obvious treasure the city tends to forget about: those hippie dippy oriental merchandise stores that are dotted throughout the Latin Quarter and the Plateau. No,no, you silly stoners. I’m not talking about High Times or the “Indian Culture” stores that have pictures of pot leafs and stencils of Bob Marley airbrushed on their windows (way to be subtle, guys.) I’m talking about stores that actually carry legitimate artificats of different eastern cultures that contribute to the city’s cauldron of diversity. As I searched for the perfect wedding gift for my wonderful, fellow aspiring High School English teacher, Hippie Dippy, Vegan, Badass friend Wolfy, I discovered intricately carved tams, elaborate sheeshas standing tall, gorgeous plaques of sanskrit symbols, intimidatingly realistic statues of Ganesh, and the most beautiful collection of Harmoniums and Sitars- instruments so breathtaking I can’t even fathom any type of clever description to associate them with.

But unless you’re actually dedicated to the experimentation of Eastern music, I wouldn’t push anyone to go out an indulge in that field of merchandise- not to sound crass, but they’re pretty friggin expensive. Jewelry, you could do. Incense, trinkets, tapestries- they got ’em. Its nice to know that if you really wanted a sitar or harmonium, you can have one for a mere $600 bucks. That’s 600 loonies right there- or if we’re being optimistic, 300 toonies! Start saving yer laundry money, people.

Anyway, on Friday I discovered this absolutely GORGEOUS Chinese Heritage store that was wait for it.. NOT in China Town! Great trinkets, absolutely beautiful tea sets, and less intimidating statues. Its called La Maison Chinoise, and its located RIGHT next to my old apartment on Ave du Mont Royal coin Christophe Coloumbe. So that’s Mont Royal metro- walk about four blocks east, (but you gotta allow yourself to get distracted by the outer metro kiosk that sells organic maple syrup and let yourself pass by l’Avenue for the BEST BURGER in the city.) and you’ll see it-its not that tucked away, its just an unobvious sign. Unobvious, VERY crammed, but trust me- its a treasure trove of goodies in there.

Totally going back!

And p.s: the little old chinese lady who runs the place can parle anglais. Score!