Food, banter and thought for the soul.

We’ve all been there before. Either we can’t fit comfortably into our jeans (or genes), our workout schedules ran amok after one specific hectic week, or we’ve gone through one last romantic disappointment that was annoying enough to swear us off of men for a lifetime (or at least a month).

In my case, it’s all three. And since I write professionally but not recreationally, I thought I’d hone my skills by turning this into a selective blog to turn my misery-cum-inspiration into independence. Read it, or don’t – but it’ll save the lot of you from a bunch of pathetic “I miss him and I miss carbs” text messages. Also, if I don’t fully laze out, you might get some meal ideas from it too.

And it’s a reassuring thought that as I’m haphazardly committing to this outlet, I’ll be munching on my favorite Whole30 compliant snack in more-than-recommended doses: nuts, and not just a handful.

PS: Yes, this was once Paris, but we’re over that phase in our lives. I kept the old posts for added shits and gigs. Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Food, banter and thought for the soul.”

  1. TRACY April 9, 2011 at 2:51 am #

    hihi i love you

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