Good girls make pumpkin-flax flatbread…

16 Feb

… which doesn’t really taste that good, only because I failed at it.

But, tomorrow is indeed another day, and all I can do is try again, right?

Manakish is one of my favorite foods, and za’atar is something I absolutely can’t live without. The (fallen) country where my family is from prides itself in having the best za’atar in the world, and just because a certain nation whom occupied us (sounds like Smisrael) has tried to claim it as one of their national foods, doesn’t mean they know how to prepare it.

This levantine girl knows what to do with za’atar, even when times are tough.

So I mashed up some pumpkin, added a whisked egg, 1/2 a cup of almond flour and 1/4 cup of coconut flour, 3 tbsp flaxeed, pressed it into a pan and stuck it in the oven to make flatbread.

I was skeptical at first, and terrified that bitch came out smelling like eggs (and it stubbornly stuck to the bottom of the pan) but two days later, here I am polishing off the last of the squares with an olive oil and zaatar paste I mixed up this morning before heading off to work.

Call me an addict, but I think I’m going to attempt the flatbread recipe again this weekend, but this time I’ll use even MORE pumpkin (something I definitely should have done the last round) and maybe some more almond flour and a “chia egg” instead of a regular one, because eggs kind of freak me out.

A chia egg is really simple – you just put 1tbsp chia seeds into 3tbsp water for 15 mins then toss the gooey liquid into your mixture.

Coconut oil is probably also the superior way to grease the pan, instead of the olive oil I used.

Hey! I never said I was an expert- I just always fuck up but it still turns out tasting at least somewhat good.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of making some Paleo Pumpkin Gnocchi for this weekend. Basically, I’m going to combine pumpkin puree, nutmeg, sea salt  homemade almond flour and arrowroot powder to form them into little pillows which will then be placed into a pot of boiling water, after which, pan seared into a deep pan with ghee and sage.

20 bucks says it’s going to end up being a shepherd’s pie.

In other news, I officially have 5 days left of the Whole30 challenge! I’ve been eating a lot of nuts at night (bad) and accidentally had maple syrup infused in cashew cheese last night (who does that, guys?) but I’m still going strong. Maybe my Whole30 wasn’t as flawless as I’d hoped, but I’m proud of myself for not breaking in the sense that I did anything outwardly WRONG – didn’t have any breads, pastas, cheeses or sugary sweets that weren’t fruit in their natural form. Go me!

I’ve only done yoga twice this week, and want to keep going, since I’ve decided to make it my sole form of exercise for the next while. I mean, I’ve thought about renewing my membership at the gym for the purpose of summer swims, tanning, easy cardio and the steam room, but I came to realize the following things:

-The gym gets too crowded and I end up giving up too soon if I’m not working out with my trainer, who I won’t be able to afford this time around (savings)

-I kind of hate everyone who goes to the pool and generally end up feeling invisible, smoking too much, drinking too much, and feeling a bitter sense of ennui

-I shouldn’t be tanning anyway, because I’m doing laser hair removal treatments.

Besides, there’s almost always an opportunity to go to a secluded beach, someone’s chalet, a boat or a pool party over here – and worst case scenario, I can get a three month membership for the summer somewhere else. It’s really not that bad.

I’m pretty confident in my decision and think that only good things will come from my dedication to Yoga. I’ve also been considering getting a stepper, taking up jump-roping at home, and doing little workouts in the morning before work to have a bit of cardio on my side. We’ll see how it goes.

All the best to me, and to you, because a healthy life is a happy one.




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