Yes, I know I’ve been absent

14 Feb

But my blog, my rules – and it’s not like any of you are actually reading this, really. Maybe once in a while, during your morning coffee or procrastination breaks between work (which is what I’m admittedly doing now). Or maybe you’ve forgotten because you thought I’ve forgotten, but I haven’t! I’m still here, and I’m still trudging through, believe it or not.

So, Yoga Challenge finished yesterday, and I completed it with 30 classes! I would have had 31 if it weren’t for the horrendous traffic due to the closing down of a vital bridge in my work’s part of the country on Sunday. I had a birthday dinner to get to that night at 7:30, and didn’t want to be late for it – so I had to cancel my 5:30 class, thus breaking my daily yoga practice trend. Don’t worry though, I made up for it yesterday with the most intense class of my life… my arms are STILL sore.

I also renewed my membership for another three months! I just want to see if yoga is really my thing, guys – I think it might be. I mean, I’m going back today, so that’s a good sign.

As for Whole30, I’m currently on day 24 and still hiking through it with good intentions (and A LOT of food porn.) I might have messed up slightly (and unintentionally!) during the birthday dinner, because I’m still convinced the mango salad I ordered contained a non-compliant dressing of sorts, even though I bargained with the waiter and begged him to make it as Whole30 as possible, and he assured me that it was.

I’m still skeptical, Hamza.

But with one week to go, I’m feeling confident. I’ve survived 23 days so far, and the worlds most boring party on Friday where I didn’t drink AT ALL. I sipped Pelligrino laced with lemon wedges all night long and drove home completely sober. It sucked, but I felt safe, strong and proud.

So what’s 6 more days, in the grand scheme of things? But I plan on stopping at 30. Fuck the two extra days!

The list of foods I need to have before I move onto my next dietary challenge:


Some sort of pasta and parmesan cheese

A decadent dessert

A really good cheeseburger

Motherfucking popcorn

Schneider’s Pretzels



Speaking of my next dietary challenge, it’s going to be Vegan for a month. I’ve realized during Whole30 that I consume WAY too much animal proteins, so why not cut them out? I’d also like to experiment with paleo vegan baking at this time, figuring out how to make cookies, brownies and truffles more compliant for me to enjoy. Letting go of parm again will be hard, but I think I should give nutritional yeast more of a try.

Also, today is Valentine’s Day, which already seems to be a day filled with challenges. These challenges include:

  • Starting off my day with interviewing a couple who run a specialty cake store, and having them gift me with truffles, cupcakes and brownies for the office – all of which my colleagues are enjoying at this moment, none of which I can actually have.
  • No date, no flowers, no ability to munch on my favorite snacks or a cheesy box of chocolate bon bons whilst watching a bad rom-dramedy about women with man troubles.
  • Even if I could do all that while munching on nuts and whatever the fuck else I’m allowed to eat, I don’t have time to do any of it because I won’t be home till 9pm tonight, thanks to a pushy trainer friend who’s forcing me to attend his kickboxing hell class at 7:30, exactly an hour after I finish Backbending Flow: at least I can say that I worked out twice in one day, though – talk about self love.
  • A POSSIBLE dinner with an ex-turned-platonic-friend (not the latest one) and a couple of other people. I am in no way attracted to this guy and would only go to said mid-level restaurant in my workout gear, for the sake of steak or salmon, veggies and a dry baked potato. He might still be attracted to me, though – and let me tell you; I am not in the mood.

But, life could be worse, right? I truly am lucky to have the life I do – even if it’s not much, and I’m starving, and I can’t have any of those tiny cupcakes perched on the table behind me and calling my name. I have parsley spiced cauliflower rice and okra instead. So, I’m not allowed to complain.

Just taking it one day at a time, and counting my blessings, friends.




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