It’s been a while…

23 Jan

…and a lot has happened since my last post. Many things have changed. Since 2012, I’ve graduated from University, worked as a copywriter for a crappy e-commerce company for two years, destroyed my figure, had too many tumblers of whiskey and glasses of Pinot Grigio, left Montreal, stopped pretending I could speak French and moved back home to write for a local magazine and get my shit together.

Has my shit been collected thus far? I’m not in a terrible spot, but like every humbled human being would say, “I could be doing better”.

I’m an indulgent person. I indulge with food, with alcohol, with shopping, with laziness, exercise, and premature love. So after my continuing education applications had been submitted, my savings account being stagnant and my latest romantic conquest managing to crawl out of my web of affection, I decided to focus on wellness for one whole month in the vain hope that there will be some sort of light at the end of the tunnel.

Will I get my figure back? I’m working on it. Will my savings account prosper? I’m working on that too. Will I be able to reach full self contentedness without seeking validation from a man? That might take more than a month, but focusing on this in the meantime could help.

It goes without saying that the above is a little too personal, which is why I only re-shared this link with dear friends whom I love. Whatever happens, happens – but I highly doubt this will end up going viral: my life really isn’t that interesting. (Refer to my embarrassing past posts of yore if you don’t believe me.)

But let’s just write and see where this goes!

The stats of the month:

Yoga Challenge: I started this on January 15th, after being invited by the yoga instructor at my gym to join her studio and partake in a 30 day challenge where I’ll have to practice yoga once a day for the next month – or do 30 classes in one month. I’m allowed to do double classes and skip a day up to four times, but that hasn’t happened yet. I’m on day 9 and I’m more than happy with the flow that’s been taking place.

Whole30: Ah, yes. The infamous Whole30 Challenge. I’m not allowed to turn to any of my vices for comfort in the next month. No sugar, dairy, alcohol, grains, wheat, legumes or fun for 30 days… and I can’t even weigh myself! I expect to lose some weight after this month (assuming I don’t end up getting drunk and binging on Shake Shack like I did with my pre-Christmas diet last month) but weight-loss isn’t the goal. Resetting my body and appreciating a non-complicated, wholesome way of eating is. But obviously, as the blog’s revamped title implies, I’ll be cheating with Whole30 compliant nuts, of the almond, cashew and wall variety. I’m on day 2, and having just inhaled a kosher taco salad, am feeling satiated. Cross your fingers that all hell doesn’t break loose after tonight’s dinner plans at one of my favorite healthy-but-definitely-not-Paleo eateries.

Men: You can’t help but love them, even though they’re really fucking stupid. I won’t divulge too much into this, but point blank: my name is Smee and I seek validation from men. No more! This month is about me, and I’m not allowed to obsess about or wonder when I’ll get married anymore. It’s unproductive. Bonus points and a big gift for myself if I go the whole month without even so much as checking out a cute butt at a gathering or party. (Where I better be sipping an unlaced, virgin drink of  Pelligrino or Perrier seasoned with citrus and maybe an olive.) If I need to obsess, I’ll write. If it’s PG, I’ll write here. Feel free to skip these posts. They can get pretty whiny. I’m technically on day of this, as I haven’t texted him all day since our recent amicable “breakup”. Gold star for me, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

So with all that in mind, I’ll continue embarking on my journey, but this time with some documentation. It’ll be fun! (I hope) and there might be some pics or some recipes, but hopefully NO weak moments or cheat days.

Later gators.



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