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Being Sans Camera Makes Smee Very Sad.

11 May

Especially when its so gorgeous outside! How else can I document the beautiful outfits I’ve been dying to show you, my readers!
-The floral Zumba pants I picked up in Toronto, coupled with a black plain AmAp crop-top to show off my badass side-rib tattoo and my basic wayfarer sunglasses. I wore this to the dentist on Monday.

– The seventies-esque belted with a ribbon dress I wore to my friend’s wedding on saturday, coupled with the.. (deep breaths, readers..) VINTAGE MARY JANE WEDGE CLOGS! Yes!! I found them! At Beacon’s, actually so TRUST ME ON THIS PLACE. It literally makes all your fashion dreams come true!

(I can hear you, dear sister- rolling your eyes right about now.)

-The dress-but-was-actually-a-skirt that I made for Tams on sunday, coupled with my hercules sandals from H et M

(Picture all of these outfits paired with the quintessential accessory I found at the Brooklyn Flea: a really long Key necklace. Classic.)

-The tribal shorts and plain white SexualiTank from AmAp paired with a black velvet gilet and  my classic doc martens and 90s denim jacket. We’re thinking of ditching the denim jacket, outfit (concept) repeating the top and shorts in the summertime and replacing the black velvet gilet with a denim one. Must haves for this outfit: fabulous footwear (maybe even the vintage wedges) fabulous hair (we’ve been thinking a side-shave lately) fabulous sunglasses (Vintage jackie-o’s, John Lennons, or wayfarers will do.) and fabulous confidence (you know I rock it, bitchay.)

I’m outfit stumped for today though. And I need to find a way for a camera. My phone is useless (but that will change next week) and the Keeks’ camera isn’t compatible with my mac.. and her computer is announced as DEAD (officially.)

Either I hire a photographer to follow me around and document my life and outfits, or we all sit tight and wait for either a new computer  or a proper phone that takes pictures.

Until then, we’ll have to play first grade and use our imaginations. I know you’re all doing it anyway when you picture yourselves trying to pull off the fab shit I wear.

Only in fake Paris, mes bebes. Only in fake Paris.


Smee in the City


That Brooklyn Bullshit, We on It.

11 May

Hello there, mes petits chats. Yes, I haven’t been posting too frequently, but as most of you may know- I was off doing better things, like being in New York. Now loves, I’m going to profusely apologize (again) for not having a camera. I was pretty pissed about the Camera situation in New York and I REALLY wanted to document the treasures and discoveries dotted around Brooklyn. Unfortunately, we can’t have that de to the lack of camera- but don’t worry. I’ve decided to save up and buy myself a professional. I think I look really cool with it- those cameras go with most of my outfits.
To all you real photographers out there: Yes, I just said that. No, I wasn’t joking.

So, of course Brooklyn is really big and during the two days and nights I was there, we didn’t explore enough past Bed-Stuy (unless you want to count our sad Lower East Side experience) but it has to be said: Brooklyn will always trump Manhattan, and notable treasures include:
-Brooklyn Flea: Williamsburg

-Beacon’s Closet: Greenpoint/Williamsburg:

And this awesome little barbecue joint thats on north 11th and Berry (basically right across the street from Beacon’s) that makes a mean vegetarian sloppy joe with a side of mac n cheese. Trust me- during this escapade, I’ve learned that when in America, do as the americans do and ingest copious amounts of carbs and grease, make it vegetarian, and hope for the best. ‘Cause aint nobody wanna go to places like Wild Ginger (Bedford ave. AMAZING vegan thai restaurant- a fond memory of my sister living in New York.)

That being said, I’ll leave you with promises of more snapshots and details the next time I head over to the Big Apple (which will probably be sooner rather than later)

Ta for now!