The Only Thing Worth Documenting in DC…

29 Apr

.. or shall I call it: Snoozetown USA. This city is so unstylish it hurts. The metro breaks down while you’re ON it (and it closes way too early.) and Chinatown doesn’t even LOOK Chinese! It consists of a bunch of American chains with their logos translated in Chinese.

Is that really all the capitol of the “free world” has to contribute to their immigrants? Really? Come on, America. Stop being so lazy!

However, I did fall in love with SOMETHING in this city. Those of you who know me (and can’t help but love me) will remember that I happen to be very fond of vegan/vegetarian cuisine. And you may also remember my one-month vegan experiment that occurred in January ( y’all know you miss those days of my nagging and secretly smelling cheese.) So you can imagine how excited I was to find that Washington DC has its very own (and pretty bitchin’) vegan bakery called Sticky Fingers.

Attractive name, innit?

Sticky Fingers was my second home in DC. My second day here, my ass spent five hours glued to the comfortable plush-like hot pink booth chair in the back working on my essay. In fact, I’m sitting outside there right now, stealing their internet. So you can see why I came back here today to have one of their orgasmic (and completely vegan) Cupcakes.

And that, madames et monsieurs, was the highlight of the DC portion of my Urban Extravaganza.

That and the fact that H et M isn’t taxed here. (Boycotting my ass. Why must I be such a hypocrite when it comes to fashion!?)

Check it out if you’re ever in DC. Its on 14th and Park, surrounded by a bunch of corporate American chains.

Note: this is where to find the Hipsters of DC.

And now, I’m off to New York.

I’ll keep you posted, mes amis!

Smee in the City


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