Tdot in a Nutshell: We Don’t Hate It.

25 Apr

Habs vs. Maple Leafs. Mount Royal vs. The CN Tower. Vieux-Port vs. Old Town Toronto. Ossignton Ave. vs. Avenue du Parc. McGill/Concordia vs. University of Toronto/Ryerson.
Montreal definitely wins, but Toronto isn’t exactly the shittiest place on earth.

So, lets go over the pros and cons of the city, shall we?


Kensington Market/The abundance of Vintage Stores:

This hipster haven is absolutely swarming with impressive vintage stores and boutiques. I was actually blown away! Although we have a lot of vintage stores in Montreal (please. nobody should even QUESTION this. They’re called friperies- get off your ass, go to The Mile End, and find one.) the vintage stores in Kensington are crammed together, and have either an upscale, organized boutique feel or a junky treasure trove feel.

I recommend: Courage My Love. This place has a bunch of drawers with underpinnings, jewelry, beads, keys, charms, scarves, and environmental lunch bags! (I knew Ishould’ve gotten one. They’re a fashionable and environmentally friendly substitute for brown paper bags- which is what I often carry my lunch in.)

The size of the city:

‘Nuff said. I love a big city- while Montreal is much prettier than Toronto, hands down, (and more cultured)- Tdot is bigger. This means public transportation runs longer, and you’ll be able to find almost anything you’re looking for. But sorry, Torontonians. You can pretend all you want, but Toronto is NOT New York.

*Just a thought: If I do end up moving to Tdot in the next couple of years, my new blog should be called “This is Not New York”. Hmmm…

Now, I know the “pros” list is short. The rest of the pros are honestly little things.. The city has some great Universities, there’s always something to do, there are “open minded” cafes (please, the jig was up a long time ago.) And it would be nice to be living in an anglophone (for the most part) city. But those two descriptive pros are the ones that got to me the most, honestly.

Now for the cons.

-The cupcakes suck:

C’mon. Look at that. You call that a cupcake! they were TOO FLAT and it wasn’t good.

-Its too expensive:

Montreal is SO much cheaper than Toronto. In fact, you don’t realize how cheap Montreal is until you go to any other city in Canada. Yes, Toronto- we know.. your taxes are less than ours, but our taxes go towards keeping our city clean and interesting for the public: we have all these awesome events for the community: Nuit Blanche, JazzFest, Formula One, Juste pour Rire… Now I’m just rambling. But you know what I mean. What do you have Toronto- HUH?!

Did you know that for students, a public transportation pass (equivalent to the OPUS) is about 70 CAD in Tdot whereas in Montreal its about 40 CAD?Come on, man. Come ON.

-Its not that Pretty:

There’s nothing really NICE to look at in Toronto. Montreal seems to have more parks that are better maintained and just more attractive in general. Same goes for the way apartments and the metro are presented. The Keeks hates the presentation of Toronto’s public transportation. I thought it was okay- kind of interesting, actually (I like the way the Streetcars go into the subway station.) I mean, a subway is a subway. It seems like Toronto doesn’t really have the patience for Pretty. Which brings me to my next point.

-Torontonians need to RELAX:

I get it- its a big city. You’re in a hurry. But fuck, man. Move out of the way. You don’t OWN the city. Have some consideration.. remember, we live in CANADA. (That was totally a burn to the American readers out there.)

All in all, Toronto isn’t that bad. Yeah, if I lived there I totally would just give up on Hockey as an entertaining sport (nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk) and I’d probably see slightly less stylish people, AND I would be broke.. but I don’t think living there would be the end of the world.

I’m in DC now, but more on that later. Probably within the next few days- but don’t get pushy. I’m not in Fake Paris for another week.. remember, even Bloggers deserve a bit of a vacation.


Smee in the City.


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