Diversité dans le Plateau!

18 Apr

So I haven’t updated in a while. No apologies, though- to my dedicated readers (being friends and family who I force to read my blog and those loyal facebook stalkers whom I thank very much for thinking my statuses are interesting enough to follow.) as I am busy finishing up my third year of university, sitting at home in my comfy, comfy armchair, watching re-runs of embarrassing t.v on my computer,  sipping Stash’s Blueberry Tea, and occasionally risking the expansion of my derriere by ingesting certain foods that make me vow to change my life the following day.

We’ll blame it on the rain.

So I have some bad news. The other day ( I’ll assume it was thursday, since my perception of time is extremely janked due to the massive all nighters I’ve been pulling: thanks, university. High Five.) As I was schlepping from the Guy-Concordia station to the JW McConnel Building through the pedway, my camera FLIES out of the flap of my open (and extremely awesome, purchased from a tucked away corner in Williamsburg) briefcase bag, and makes the saddest little crashing sound against the ..[ concrete?] ground. Its been acting up since then, so no outfit updates for a bit- although The Keeks was kind enough to document my Denise Huxtable revival with HER camera during our Frozen Yogurt jaunt on this frigid afternoon, so we’ll stay tuned for that!

On that note, however- I will advertise an obvious treasure the city tends to forget about: those hippie dippy oriental merchandise stores that are dotted throughout the Latin Quarter and the Plateau. No,no, you silly stoners. I’m not talking about High Times or the “Indian Culture” stores that have pictures of pot leafs and stencils of Bob Marley airbrushed on their windows (way to be subtle, guys.) I’m talking about stores that actually carry legitimate artificats of different eastern cultures that contribute to the city’s cauldron of diversity. As I searched for the perfect wedding gift for my wonderful, fellow aspiring High School English teacher, Hippie Dippy, Vegan, Badass friend Wolfy, I discovered intricately carved tams, elaborate sheeshas standing tall, gorgeous plaques of sanskrit symbols, intimidatingly realistic statues of Ganesh, and the most beautiful collection of Harmoniums and Sitars- instruments so breathtaking I can’t even fathom any type of clever description to associate them with.

But unless you’re actually dedicated to the experimentation of Eastern music, I wouldn’t push anyone to go out an indulge in that field of merchandise- not to sound crass, but they’re pretty friggin expensive. Jewelry, you could do. Incense, trinkets, tapestries- they got ’em. Its nice to know that if you really wanted a sitar or harmonium, you can have one for a mere $600 bucks. That’s 600 loonies right there- or if we’re being optimistic, 300 toonies! Start saving yer laundry money, people.

Anyway, on Friday I discovered this absolutely GORGEOUS Chinese Heritage store that was wait for it.. NOT in China Town! Great trinkets, absolutely beautiful tea sets, and less intimidating statues. Its called La Maison Chinoise, and its located RIGHT next to my old apartment on Ave du Mont Royal coin Christophe Coloumbe. So that’s Mont Royal metro- walk about four blocks east, (but you gotta allow yourself to get distracted by the outer metro kiosk that sells organic maple syrup and let yourself pass by l’Avenue for the BEST BURGER in the city.) and you’ll see it-its not that tucked away, its just an unobvious sign. Unobvious, VERY crammed, but trust me- its a treasure trove of goodies in there.

Totally going back!

And p.s: the little old chinese lady who runs the place can parle anglais. Score!


2 Responses to “Diversité dans le Plateau!”

  1. Hannah April 21, 2011 at 3:40 am #

    Nice blog btw 🙂 its super fun

    • smeeinthecity April 25, 2011 at 3:01 pm #

      Thanks Han :* Haha They’re everywhere! But I think the best ones are on St Denis in the Quartier Latin.
      Yalla come to the Plateau sometime and visit me, dammit!

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