Crème Glacée on a Buzzkill of a Day

14 Apr

Sigh, Grumble, and Moan.

Its that time of year again. The time of year when my allergies kick in and my cigarettes taste like kabab.

I’ve been feeling so stuffy lately- in general. Especially with this balmy, humid weather the city is deciding to indulge in. Seriously, Montreal. Where’s the cool, crisp, rainy April we all know and love? And we’ve already reached the middle of the month! Bring on some April showers so we can get our May flowers on, yo!

I’m actually looking quite forward to the tulips that are planted throughout the city.

So I should have posted this yesterday, but I had a 9am American Poetry final today. How did I do? Lets just say at this point, I’m not thinking about that. I’m thinking about how happy I am to get away from that professor. The man seems nice and all, but he DOES NOT know how to lecture! Please! Stop with your jargon and nasal stuttering- I mean, you’ve already ruined Eliot for me! What next? To this very day I’m grateful for missing the class where he went over confessional poetry. Sylvia and I have this thing.

Anyway, yesterday I had an appointment with an academic advisor who not only looked like Father Christmas but also encouraged me to increase my bad-ass-ness by turning my Major in English Literature (which is officially complete) to a Specialization- for an extra fifteen credits of Post-Colonialism and MORE British Literature. Shall I partake in this, my readers? Or is a specialization just a tool- making you THINK you’re badass and you’re one step closer to being Michelle Pfeifer from Dangerous Minds (who I’ve been aspiring to be since the tender, confused age of six.) but you’re really just chaining yourself to extra school time and extra tuition. What to do, what to do, what to do?

Feeling pensive after leaving this appointment, (and giggly after leaving my cat’s estranged father’s house, Abu Pusshycatuh, further known as AP) The Keeks and I decide to participate in one of the city’s most anticipated, annual events: Free Ice Cream Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s.

Montrealers LOVE their ice cream. Everywhere you go, there’s a place that sells ice-cream. The word crème glacée manages to pop up on even the most unexpected of sources: like the Tabagie or the Dep. So imagine what the line-up outside this opportunity was like.

We waited in line for about 25 minutes, debating whether or not we should just give up our craving. When we were finally able to get inside, the most fun flavours were all out! And it was nuts in there! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I personally love half-baked and cookie dough. I think baked goods and ice cream is a great combination, so its no surprise that I opted for a Rasberry Cheesecake scoop. Would have preferred cookie dough, however.

The Keeks knew what she wanted right away. There’s no messing with that girl when it comes to dessert. Give her anything chocolatey and she’ll be a happy camper for days.

Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day happens once a year, during the beginning of Spring (basically, around this time.) There are more than one locations within in the city, (a couple downtown, one in No Damn Good.. ) but we were at the one on Crescent and Maisonneuve, next to the Strip Bar/ Cafe, Wanda’s and Cafe M.


One Response to “Crème Glacée on a Buzzkill of a Day”

  1. n April 14, 2011 at 7:04 am #

    oh free ice cream day!

    the best day ever ❤

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