Because awesome outfits got in the way..

11 Apr

Let me introduce you to my city and my neighbourhood. The Keeks and I reside here .

This automatically makes us feel superior, since our borough has been listed one of the top fifteen hippest neigbourhoods of North America. Sure, that was in 1997, but since North America tends to maintain its dorkiness and only so many cities can continuously be considered as “hip” (NYC, Vancouver, San Francisco and of course, Montreal being four classic cool North American cities right there) we will assume that the ranking of the Plateau holds its position today.

Besides, there is a whole neighbourhood dedicated to being Portuguese- how is that not awesome?

Our district is filled with notable parks and endless cafes. The Plateau is usually compared to other North American districts like Brooklyn and Haight-Ashbury.. only you might as well just slap on some poutine because its hardcore French Canadian. Today, we happened to visit both a park AND a cafe!
Because.. its Sunday and that’s what Montrealers do on Spring Sundays. They wear awesome clothes, go to the Park to cure their hangovers, then have breakfast at 3pm.

As we exit Little Portugal, wave goodbye to the creepy old man who was watching us from the cafe’s window, and continue onto Duluth street, we find ourselves in the beautiful (and highly Francophone) area of Parc LaFontaine

Although the park’s dreariness hasn’t fully recovered from this year’s long, torturous winter, the promise of Spring lingered in the air. Jacket-less lovers and singletons alike were dotted around the vast landscape of the LaFontaine. It was nice.

And there were ducks too 🙂

Because there’s only so much cloudy day park fun a girl can take, we decide to grab a bite to eat at Universel on the corner of St Denis and Cherrier.

Universel has pretty good breakfasts, but apparently their cutlery has boogers on it.

Needless to say, I ditched the booger cutlery and replaced it with the cutlery on the next table. That’s how you do it here, don’t bitch to the staff because.. well.. its Montreal. They’ll just be bitchy. If it’s broke, fix it yourself.

So, we go ahead and order. Keeks gets the blueberry pancakes and my empty stomach opts for something a little more daring, so I order a combination of.. drumroll.. pancakes AND eggs.

I know. I ate eggs. Its been so long, and Frankly, I was a little bit nervous about them. (If any of you know me, you’ll know how I feel about  eggs- the trauma.. oh, the trauma..)

But they were good! Buttery and the added cheese was perfect. Keeks loved her pancakes, she said they were the perfect pancake. I thought mine were okay- honestly, nothing beats the made from Aunt Jemimah mix pancakes I used to have as a kid on Christmas mornings with my sisters back in Kuwait.

The sausages, however. Well, that’s a different story. I have.. another complicated relationship with beef and pork. I’m in denial, you see. I eat them sparingly (especially pork), but if there’s one thing the Canadians know how to do, is prepare a good pork-based breakfast meat. Mmm.. So taboo..

But we can ignore the weird pig-fat Pâté that came along with everything.

All in all, breakfast was good and the prices were reasonable- not too different than other basic plateau diners like Dusty’s or Beauty’s- maybe a bit yummier, if you’re willing to make the trek to the area.

Although maybe it’s just me and how I’m opposed to most breakfast foods that are egg based, but my stomach and hips would not stop asking me “was this worth it?” during my ten-block walk home. However, I ALWAYS regret breakfast food, especially when meat is involved- so don’t take that too seriously. Cafe Universel is pretty good, minus the booger cutlery and the pig fat. Its also really close to Parc LaFontaine- so there, I just planned your next Sunday for you.


2 Responses to “Because awesome outfits got in the way..”

  1. nee April 11, 2011 at 12:32 pm #

    the last photograph is the saddest edible spectacle i’ve ever seen.

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