Let us not mull over the important details..

8 Apr

I must admit, this is quite intimidating.

Not that I’m anything special, I am a cliche. I am no different than a whole bunch of this generation’s twentysomething East-Coast hipsters who drink out of Jars and don high waisted skinny jeans with snow-stained doc martens (a revived look that I proudly take credit for, along with big eyeglasses, floral print tights coupled with denim shirts, gilets, briefcases, cowboy boots, platform shoes… the list goes on.) Point being, I’m just another neurotic University student who’s trying to juggle all her interests and talents. That being said dear world, I encourage you to follow my adventures: amuse yourselves with my insanely high standards and the search to find the perfect hamburger in each city I visit. Relish in my obsessions with shoes, records, and red velvet cupcakes. Be patient with my cynicism, be amused by my bitching (especially when I spot Fashion no-no’s.) and picture yourself in my city, my everyday life.

I once stood before the Eiffel Tower promising myself that I would one day be able to see the view everyday from my bedroom window. Five years later, I find myself looking out my bedroom window only to see a cross wedged on top of a “mountain” that is sometimes circled with dreadlocked drummers.

That’s because This is Not Paris.. but Montreal.

Smee in the City


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